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Do you have room in your home and heart for an animal to stay with you.  By fostering, you help us keep expenses down so there is more left to help the next one in need. 

Click HERE to download and fill out a Foster Application and email it to info@scoutshonor.org

Most of our animals have experienced pain, loss and suffering prior to joining our rescue, so they’re desperate for love and affection.  Many times, the love and security experienced by our dogs in their foster homes is the first such love and security they have ever felt.

Thank you for your interest in fostering for Scout's Honor Rescue! Fostering a needy dog or cat is a wonderful way to give back to your community and help our four-legged friends.  There is simply no better feeling than nursing a puppy (or litter of puppies) whose momma was hit by a car right before giving birth and seeing those puppies placed in loving, permanent homes; or watching an emaciated and scared pound dog blossom in front of your eyes and learn to trust; or taking in a cat who was dumped at the pound because her owner passed away and no one in the family cared enough to take her into their home. Scout's Honor can help you get that wonderful feeling!

Foster animals come in all shapes and sizes—from tiny kittens and puppies that need fattening up and lots of love and attention, to dogs and cats that have been sitting in cages for months and would benefit from being in a home with structure and love. Fostering provides these homeless and abandoned animals the opportunity to find a life-long home similar to the one your own beloved pet was fortunate to receive. Often, whether Scout's Honor can pull an animal from a shelter or off the streets depends upon whether we have a foster home available for that animal.There is no question—fostered animals find homes faster than those kept in a kennel, so fostering saves lives!

When fostering for Scout's Honor, you provide the love, attention, a soft place for your foster to sleep, food, and goodies. Scout's Honor also asks that you help transport your foster to adoptions if possible and take it to the vet when necessary. Scout's Honor pays for vetting costs and other related items (unless, of course, the foster parent wishes to make a tax-deductible donation to help!). 

Scout's Honor works extremely hard to find the pets in our program homes by, among other things, holding adoptions, posting the foster on our website, and overseeing the adoption process. The length of time an animal stays with its foster parents varies from animal to animal, but Scout's Honor makes every effort to find them homes quickly.

Yes, if you fall in love with your foster, you can adopt him or her, and many do.  If for some reason the foster animal does not work out in your home (which can happen, and it is okay when it does), Scout's Honor will work diligently to locate another foster home for the pet and to find another foster that will be a better fit in your home.

All of our foster parents can attest to the fact that fostering is a rewarding, positive, and life-changing experience. Please consider fostering a Scout's Honor rescue today. You can see all of our wonderful pets up for adoption HERE

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