Become a Hero For An Underdog!

We have noticed a bit of talk about UNDER DOGS in media posts. And as you know, once a Scout’s Honor Rescue dog, ALWAYS a Scout’s Honor Rescue dog, which means… we have a few UNDER DOGS of our own that we would LOVE for you to be their HERO this holiday season. How can you become a HERO for an UNDERDOG?  We're so glad you asked! 

Essentially, you become a VIRTUAL FOSTER and you get all the benefits and fulfillment of "fostering" a dog, but with none of the dog hair, potty breaks in the rain, getting a dogsitter or anything in between.  

You become an ADVOCATE for your foster dog! You can do as many or as little of the following:

SHARE: Once you become a HERO for an underdog, post new pictures of your foster dog! New pictures and updated bios of pups do WONDERS for their visibility in the sea of adoptable dogs. You can visit your foster dog or have access to our media to post your pup!

Be A HERO: You can be a primary advocate for the dog you feel bonded with, or a support advocate for multiple dogs if you have a talent in a certain area.

Match HEROES to UNDERDOGS: Help us match an advocate with a virtual foster dog! If you have a friend that you know just would LOVE one of our pups, but can't bring them home, link us up and they can virtually foster!

THANK our HEROES: Thank you cards take time!  Can we send them to you, and you write "thank you's" to our supporters while you're flying on your next work trip or vacation?

CHECK IN on our HEROES: Can't be assigned a dog, but want to help us check in and get pictures and updates for our website and social media?

LEAD the HEROES: We are a small board and if you feel passionate about this effort, we'd love your help!

Over the next few days/weeks we will be highlighting our very own UNDER DOGS and hope that you can find a way to help us continue helping these AMAZING-senior, special needs, black, or otherwise “undesired”-dogs that we love so much!!!! We truly believe that there is a home for EACH and EVERY one of them.
Interested in becoming a HERO? Email us at to learn more about our HERO for UNDERDOGS program and how you can get involved.

THANK YOU a million times over for your help, support and LITERALLY saving lives!