Don’t just Take your Dog for a Walk, Take your Walk for a Dog!

Walking your Dog just got a whole lot Better! Now you can Raise Money for your Local Shelter every time you walk your dog.


Taking your dog for a walk is now not only good for you and your dog, it raises money to support Scout's Honor Rescue. The Take your Walk for a Dog program is a revolutionary Dog-powered fundraising tool for animal shelters that uses a free mobile App to promote healthy pets and healthy humans while raising money to support local rescues. Scout's Honor is partnering with WoofTrax, Inc., to introduce and promote the App in this area.

Since you're walking your dog anyway, why not make truly count!  It's EASY and FREE:

1. Download the WoofTrax app on your Smart phone

2. Select "Texas"

3. Select "Scout's Honor Rescue"

4. Click "Enroll"

Don't forget to verify your email address.  Then just grab a leash and go!

HERE are step by step instructions too!