Happy Tails


Little Nike's story is a heartbreaking one, but we are determined to give it a happy ending. We need YOUR support to get her the care she needs to give her the best chance at a long, happy life! We need immediate funds to get her to a specialist and get her the testing and care that she needs. 

Little Nike was picked up by animal control as a stray, literally scooting around on her back-end. She was determined though and gave the animal control officer a run for his money. When we saw this sweet girl's face we knew that we just had to help her. Poor baby had to sit at the pound for a week just in case her "owners" came - obviously that never happened. 

We immediately got her to our vet and X-rays were taken and an exam performed. The x-rays were very hard to look at. This little baby girl's spine is fractured in half literally, with the front front half overlapping the back half, resulting in paralysis to her back legs. The vet said little Nike's injury happened at least a couple weeks ago. This little girl has been scooting around on her back legs all alone, no doubt terrified. She had abrasions on her rear legs where she had been dragging herself over rough surfaces. 

It just breaks your heart to realize that this girl was so severely injured, yet she refused to give up and just drug herself around determined to live. Scout's Honor is committed to helping her live her amazing second chance at life.

We sent her to Texas A&M Vet School to be examined by neurological and orthopedic specialists and to see if her spinal cord had been severed. Nike has no function in her back legs and likely never will, but she has refused to let that overcome her and she has faced this horrible adversity head on. She is an amazing young lady after all she has endured, and just as sweet as they come. 

Nike is now living the good life and RUNNING (with the help of a wheelchair donated for her) around her FOREVER home!