Happy Tails


Marley is a dog whose situation people have known about for some time but were never able to catch. He was seen consistently at a gas station.  People had been feeding him and trying to catch him but no one could.

We found out from some neighbors that his owner had gone to prison about a year ago and he had just been roaming ever since. People had been mean to him and even shot him with BB guns, so he was a little fearful of people getting near him.

Initially, Marley would just shy away from new people because of what has happened to him in the past. Marley had been spending his time wandering between the gas station and a nearby house that was in such a deplorable condition, it was unsafe for anyone to be there. The "home" had no front door and a portion of it looked like it had caught on fire at one time. It had no heat and maybe no other utilities judging by the way it looked. After several people tried unsuccessfully to get Marley, one of our volunteers finally was able to get him (it was no easy task). When we got him we saw that he had some open wounds on his head, which we were told by the neighbors was from being attacked by two other dogs recently. Marley is very sweet and let our volunteer pick him up in his arms and carry him to the car. He rode excellent in the car and just sat there not making a peep or disturbing the driver.

When he got to the vet he let them examine him all over without any fuss. He is just a very sweet dog that has been neglected and abused for a long time. To our shock, during surgery to clean and repair the wounds on his head from the dog attack, the vets found a tooth in his head! No wonder it couldn't heal.

Well, fast forward and now he is in his forever home.  It was love at first sight for his new mom and they are definitely living happily ever after!