Happy Tails



Macy came to us with one of the worst cases of mange that we had seen to date. In addition, she had been attacked by another dog that had caused a massive infection in her mouth. This beautiful girl did not have much of a puppyhood. She was only a few months old and had given up any hope that life was worth living.  After two weeks at our emergency hospital, we finally saw her tail wag. There was hope!!!

Then her perfect fosters came. They let her sleep in their bed, even though her infections made her so hot they often woke up sweating. They rubbed her with lotions to cool and soothe her skin and fed her tons of extras. It all did wonders for Macy and helped her to become so much more confident but she was still fearful.  That is.. until Sully came along.  Sully was that perfect piece of the puzzle that fit right into place and helped Macy know she was truly, truly safe.  Then, we received an application on Macy...

For Macy's FULL Happy Tail.. we figured, what better way than for her new family tell it:

Emily was 1# 2oz at birth and had heart surgery when she weighed 15 oz.  She also had a stroke at birth.  (Audrey also weighed less than 2 lb and has Tetrology of Fallot. So she had no walls in her heart or connection from her right ventricle to her lungs. She has had 3 open heart surgeries so far.) Emily developed epilepsy when she was 9.

 We have had rescue Dalmatians for 23 years and when we lost our 4 year old Dalmatian tragically (he had a number of medical problems (probably due to poor breeding)) in early May….our house was too quiet with just our 14? year old Dalmatian, Bodie.

 I started looking online for a rescue dog.  There weren’t any Dalmatians available from Recycled Canines….so I started looking at TONS of other dog profiles online. The INSTANT I saw that picture of Macy smiling on the Scout’s honor page I said….she is the one.  There was just something about her face. 

I immediately sent the picture to John at work and he said the same thing. (he had a Doberman as a child).  Once we met Macy at Nola Ann’s house….of course….Sully was there too.  What is truly crazy….is that we bonded with Sully, Macy, the fosters - Nola Ann & Jeff, the SHR board contact Susie, Georgia, Hadley….everyone!  It seemed that we had all been friends forever!

 It was clear to our whole family that Sully and Macy had to stay together.

Plus….Sully has John’s personality and looks (haha)!  And we have twins….so we need two dogs!  Right?

So we called Susie on the way home (I think we were still in Nola Ann’s driveway) and asked (begged) for both!  The second they came to our house to stay (on mother’s day….what a gift!) they seemed completely at home. The dogs immediately fell in love with the girls….and started sleeping in their beds.

Emily had moved into our bedroom due to her nighttime seizures.  She had so much anxiety and fear of the seizures (seizures that leave her completely paralyzed on her right side of her body for a period of time following the seizure) that she often had trouble going to sleep.  But without any change in medication….since May Emily has only had 1 short seizure.  And for that one seizure….her seizure watch didn’t alarm….but Macy jumped off her bed and barked….alerting me to the seizure.

Now it’s October and she doesn’t seem fearful of sleep any longer.  She and Macy snuggle in together at night….I tell Macy to watch over Emily and Emily goes peacefully to sleep.  Truly Amazing!  I really think both Emily and Macy truly embody the Scout’s Honor message of giving courage, character and compassion….and they gave it to both of them!

 I just seems like the second Macy and Emily became friends….Macy blossomed.  She was confident!  She had a purpose to her life….Macy actually seems to know that Emily needs her at night.  They are best of friends…..I often see Emily reading Macy stories….or telling her secrets before bed.  Side note: Audrey was afraid to sleep upstairs since her sister moved into our room….but with Sully…..she now sleeps in her own princess-themed room again with Sully (her prince) to protect her!!

And to top it off, Macy became the Scout's Honor Spokes Animal for 2014-2015!

 I believe that there are times in your life when you need something that you can’t fully know or understand until it is present…..Macy and Sully were that need.