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Husky (long coat) • Female • Adult

Willow's journey took an unexpected turn one Saturday morning when she was discovered wandering the streets, narrowly avoiding a close encounter with traffic. A vigilant volunteer scooped her up, ensuring her safety, and set out to reunite her with her family. To their dismay, Willow's microchip led to a heartbreaking revelation: her previous owners chose not to welcome her back into their lives. It's a mystery to us, too, why such a sweet soul like Willow found herself unwanted.

Willow, a charming medium-sized Husky around 7 years old, has stolen our hearts with her gentle demeanor and loving nature. She's proven to be very versatile, getting along famously with other dogs and even extending her warm paw of friendship to feline friends during a cat test. During a car ride with a 9-year-old companion, she showcased her impeccable manners and affectionate disposition.

Now, Willow longs for the security and comfort of a forever home. She's a good girl through and through, yearning for nothing more than a family to call her own once again. If you're considering opening your heart and home to Willow, rest assured, she promises to fill your life with endless love and unwavering loyalty. Take a chance on Willow, and you'll discover a lifelong companion who will enrich your days with joy and companionship. If you are not able to adopt, but want to help Willow, please consider fostering her so she does not have to sit in boarding!

SHR covers all expenses associated with fostering!
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