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Tony Danza

Shepherd / Rottweiler / Mixed (short coat) • Male • Young • Medium

This pet is currently "On Trial" with a family.

Meet Tony Danza!

Now, for those of you not familiar with the ever so charming Who's the Boss star, let is just explain why he is the fur-baby version of TD!

1. Charisma for DAYS, just try NOT to be charmed by this fella  2. He is so handsome 3. Eyebrows - for real, check them out 4. Those DANCE MOVES, he is sure-footed and agile.  TD does this super sweet thing where he dives headfirst into your lap and then rolls over to show you his belly and snuggle.

Tony Danza is about 52 lbs and all puppy to say the least and has all the energy to go with being a puppy.  Even though he's a happy boy, we can tell he has been lonely and never really known any sort of love in his life.  So he craves it.  He is trying hard to learn his manners and learn how to not be a jumping bean when meeting other pups.

TD has done surprisingly well in a crate which is great, but tells us a little bit of his sad story.

Tony Danza is READY for a true forever home and to learn what it is like to be LOVED.  He's in a temporary foster right now, but would love to be in a long-term foster or a even better a forever home.

Contact us at to learn more about bringing this BOSS into your home!