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Pointer / Mixed • Female • Young • Medium

This AMAZING girl has had an absolutely horrible life through no fault of her own. How she is still alive is truly a miracle. She was shot with a shotgun by a horrid person who shot her just because he could!. She, at only 8 months old, did NOTHING to deserve this. Less than a centimeter entry any other way and she would not be here!

She has made very best friends with everyone at Vergi 24/7 as she has been there for bandage changes very regularly! This poor pumpkin has been bandaged and in doggie pajamas and a cone for weeks!!! She wants nothing more than to be done with all this healing and be allowed to just be a happy, wiggly, playful pup!

She seems to want to be friends with everyone but of course we have not been able to do intros yet. But we are super close to being all healed up!!!

If you would love to show this girl what life is really about, LOVE, HAPPINESS, FUN, please fill out our application for her right away. She is more than ready for the good life!