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Lucy the Dobe

Doberman Pinscher (medium coat) • Female • Baby • Medium

Look at this precious girl!!! She is quite the lucky one. Someone dumped her right in front of some townhouses where a fabulous family found her and took her in. Thank goodness they are able to foster/fund this girl as that is the only way we could help.

LucytheDobe is about 6-7 months (as of 5/8/2023). She is a Doberman mix or quite possible a purebred, natural (floppy ears/long tail) Doberman, but all characteristics; build, mannerisms, movements, point to dobie. She is a little shy at first, who would not be after your first family dumps you out like garbage. But she warms up quickly with sweet talk and patience. LucytheDobe is very playful, sweet and smart. She does NEED another dog in the home to help her learn all the good things humans can offer.

If you are interested in adopting this precious little girl complete our application and we will be in touch.