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Rottweiler (medium coat) • Female • Young • Large
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Meet Livia, also known by her formal title, Livia Drusilla!

Livia's journey hasn't been easy—she arrived at BARC with a heartbreaking injury to her front leg. Her foot was gone, leaving behind an infected stump that caused her immense pain. To ensure her comfort and well-being, we had to amputate her entire leg. But here's the incredible thing—Livia doesn't let it slow her down one bit! She navigates the world with grace and, believe it or not, has some sneaky skills like reaching for kitchen treats if you're not watching closely.
She's a sweetheart through and through, always seeking affection and companionship. Her favorite spot is curled up next to you or nestled in your lap, reveling in all the pets and cuddles she can get. Livia's a social pup and gets along with other dogs, provided they're introduced properly. However, she's not a fan of our feline friends.

At around 3 years old, weighing about 60 pounds, Livia's got the most adorable wavy hair. But her cutest feature? It's that one long, curly patch of hair atop her head that sticks up like Alfalfa—truly irresistible!

Won't you be the hero in Livia's story? She's ready for a second chance at life, and we promise she's an absolute delight. Her resilience and unwavering spirit will warm your heart every day.

Ready to welcome this incredible girl into your life? Reach out to us at to give Livia the loving home she deserves. ❤️✨

SHR covers all expenses associated with fostering!
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