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Pointer / Mixed • Female • Adult

Meet Harper. This poor girl was recently rescued from deplorable conditions along with two other dogs. Harper and the others were chained up in a yard and severely neglected. Recently their owner died and they were just left without any food, water or anything else. BARC was called and picked up all three. Once at the shelter, it was likely that they would never make it to the adoption wing since they were in just too poor of shape. One of the three was pulled by another rescue, but Harper and the other dog (Hudson) were left. Once we saw how bad they looked we knew we had to help. 
We went and got them and had them evaluated by our vet. Of course they had worms and parasites. Their skin was in bad shape too, especially Harper, who has virtually no hair and was scratching herself until she bled. Upon examination, we also noticed that she has almost no teeth. They have likely been worn down due to chewing on rocks and the chain. Despite all she's been through,  Harper is very sweet. She is very weak right now due to her poor condition, but is very loving and is slowly coming out of her shell. Harper is a Pointer mix and only weighs about 35 to 40 pounds. 
All this sweet girl needs is a little time and a lot of love and she will be perfect. Please consider giving this darling girl a forever home!