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Pointer / Labrador Retriever / Mixed (short coat) • Male • Young • Large
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Geronimo is an amazing boy, but before we get to the details of how great he is, we have a special plea to make on his behalf. Geronimo needs a home to live out his days - not a boarding facility.
You see, poor Geronimo is sick. He doesn't really look like it, but sadly he is, and it cannot be cured. Geronimo is in the beginning stages of renal failure. He has a lot of good days, but does have some harder days. He is no less loveable though. We are asking, and Geronimo is especially asking, for a kind-hearted person to give this handsome boy a home he can call his own for the time he has left with us. This boy deserves to know what a real loving home is before it is too late.While he is happy boarding with our trainer, he truly deserves a home he can call his own. If you want to adopt him, that would be amazing, but even if you just want to foster him, he would be just as excited.
While Geronimo may be a big boy, deep down he is just a big goofball at heart. He weighs about 80 lbs and is quite tall, but all of this just makes him a big pile of love. He is a real sweet boy who loves to play and get as much attention as he can get from anyone who will give it. Especially now that he is not as active as he used to be. He appears to be some kind of Pointer mix (and might have some Dane in him based on the way he is built). He  has some of the most striking eyes we have seen, just look at them. His coat is very smooth and shiny and makes him quite the handsome fella. You just want to keep petting him because he is so soft.

Despite his illness, he still has plenty of energy and likes to play. Geronimo gets along with most dogs he's met and played with after proper introductions.  He especially loves the ladies!  He's been in play groups with 3 or 4 other dogs and does great. You just can't throw him into a new situation and expect him to adjust right away. Being homeless and running the streets, he probably has some memories of scary situations he was in, which makes him a little cautious at first. But as long as you take it slow with him, he can adjust well to all kinds of situations. Geronimo is a smart boy too and is very trainable. He just wants to be friends and get some love.

Geronimo falls hard for his human and once that bond is there, his loyalty can sometimes mean he thinks he needs to protect his human from other people he does not know.  Please consider opening your heart and home to this boy, he won't disappoint.

Please contact us is you can help this sweet boy know the life he deserves.  We can tell you all about his condition and of course assist with all of his treatment as needed.