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Basset Hound / Beagle / Mixed (short coat) • Female • Young • Small

Ellie is the sweetest little girl who with less than 12 hours of care decided she was going to LIVE!!!!!

When we first met this baby, it truly knocked the wind out of us. We had seen pictures but thought it was a thin coat of grey and white fur. We were wrong!!! See her playing HERE

This little baby, at just about a year old, did not have a piece of fur but did instead have horrible blood stains all over her. The grey and white was her skin, thick like an elephant's. She would not left her head or even walk and you could see nothing of her eyes.

Straight to the vet where she was given a bath, some pain meds and started on iv fluids. By the next morning this little girl was sitting up, yawning, and leaning her head into hands willing to scratch away some of the nastiness that had tried to take over her little body.

Ellie needs some continued vet care but the most important change has already occurred -she has the will to get through this.

Please help us continue to care for this baby girl and teach her about all the great things life has to offer a young, sweet pup.