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Black Labrador Retriever / Australian Kelpie / Mixed (short coat) • Male • Young • Medium

Dear Friend,

I'm Deacon, and I've walked through some of life's darkest alleys. When they found me, I was hurting—my wounds told a story of pain that words can't describe. The vets suspect it was a sharp object, a cruel cut that I silently carried for weeks. But let me tell you, I've fought my battles, and now I stand here, healed and hopeful.

It's been a tough journey, one that no soul should endure. Yet, through it all, I've held onto hope and kindness. My spirit remains unbroken, and my heart still beats with love and longing for affection.

At 2-3 years old and weighing around 50 pounds, I might seem small in size, but my capacity for love is immeasurable. I'm not the rowdy type—I cherish moments of playfulness but crave the steady warmth of a loving home.

I understand if you hesitate, but I ask for one thing: consider being the beacon of light in my life. Fostering or adopting me means more than words can express. I've seen the worst, but I still believe in the kindness of hearts like yours.

Your care and compassion could rewrite the painful chapters of my past and give me the forever home I've been dreaming of. Together, we can create a new story—one filled with love, healing, and the promise of brighter days.

With hopeful eyes and a heart full of gratitude,


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