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Cattle Dog / Shepherd / Mixed (short coat) • Male • Adult • Medium
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Meet Clyde!

You may remember Clyde’s sad story of cruelty and neglect.  We were shocked when we saw his pictures and heard how he had literally been strangled with a belt by his so called owner.  His strangulation caused a massive deep cut all around his neck and caused the blood not be able to circulate resulting in his face ballooning until he was unrecognizable.  He was confiscated from his owner and charges are pending.  In the meantime, we brought him into our rescue and have nursed him back to health. We could tell he didn’t know what it was like to be treated kindly, but after talking to him a bit and giving him love, he started wagging his tail. He is BEYOND sweet!!  Check him out HERE playing with his friends at daycare!

We are happy to report that with the help of the vets, we provided pictures and info on the extent of his injuries to the Harris County DA's office. His former owner was prosecuted and justice was done!

Clyde is about 4-5 years old and a Cattle Dog mix of sorts.  He’s friendly and fun-loving but cautious with new people until he knows you mean him no harm.  He does great with most other dogs that are medium to large in size.  He is high-energy, so he would do best in an active home and with another active dog that can play, and play, and play with him!  He’s not especially fond of cats, so a home without cats is a must.

Clyde is just the sweetest, although he does get his feelings hurts easily when corrected, so he is a quick learner and pleaser.  Makes training a piece of cake!

Clyde is doing fabulous in his foster home with his 2 canine siblings, but he would really love to find a forever home where he never has to worry again!  Contact us at if you can help!

No surprise here in Houston and considering the condition he was in, Clyde is heartworm positive, but don’t worry. Scout’s Honor is taking care of that for him and if you want to adopt Clyde before he's all clear (which would be great!) we will continue to cover the expense of his medicine and next heartworm check. We can explain it all but he's going to be just fine.    

Check out Clyde playing with his friends at daycare HERE


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