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Blair Bear

Labrador Retriever / Poodle (Standard) / Mixed (medium coat) • Male • Young • Small
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Meet Blair Bear!

Blair is everything that you’d expect from a terrier mix so don’t be fooled by that cute fluffy face!  He has all the typical traits and quirks of these breeds, so if you have not seen one in action, some research would be recommended!


As a puppy he was under socialised so will need clear and consistent guidance to support him in making good choices.  For example, he can get overexcited and vocal when seeing other dogs meaning that his new owners will need to be confident in socialising him, ready to commit to daycare/training. 


Blair is youthful with an excitable nervous energy so has been attending an adolescent socialisation training group.  He has been in living in a foster home where he has begun to learn that rules help him to relax and enjoy life but his first loves remain running zoomies after squirrels and vigorously shaking his toys! 


Due to his bouncy nature he is best suited to a home with older children who can also get involved in his care and training.  His youthful terrier genes mean that he struggles to understand cats, and whilst he has been in a home with a cat, Blair’s energy may be too high for most cats!