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Siamese / Mixed • Female • Senior

Can you help us find a happily ever after for two beautiful sisters who deserve so much more than they got after their owner’s death. 
These poor girls are now 15 years old. The owner passed away and left them to a niece, who in turn had these poor girls DECLAWED at 13 YEARS OLD!!! Yes, that vet should be shut down!!!
A year after being declawed the niece and husband decided to just have them euthanized since their personalities changed after being declawed. But fortunately a kind soul found out and is trying to help these girls. Having gone about it alone for a while now she has asked us to help
As any cat lover knows, an unhappy cat often leads to a cat who may have accidents. We are hopeful that a new loving environment will help these girls “reset” so they can live the rest of their days happy and peacefully.
If you are interested in trying to give these girls a life their owner would have been happy about please fill out our application right away. We don’t think separating them would be best for them at this point in their life. But we can let them count as one adoption, so only one application and only one adoption fee.
They are described by their foster as very sweet and loving, and have a lot of energy for their age, and get along with everything. I love them, but I just really can't keep them and I'm running out of options.
Fill out an app at for the sisters.