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Labrador Retriever (short coat) • Female • Young • Large
Special Needs

We recently rescued sweet Peppa from HCAC.  She had been at the shelter for a week when we learned about her and got her out of there right away.  She had suffered some kind of trauma causing her to be paralyzed from the waist down.  After spending a few nights at our ER vet, VERGI, we took her to Texas A&M to the vet school. 

Her CT scan showed fractures at L6 and L7.  Unfortunately, she has a serious urinary tract infection and her bladder was expanded more than capacity because she sat at the shelter for a week without anyone eliminating her bladder.  

Good/bad news- because of the length of the time since her injury, which they estimate to be a 1 1/2 weeks or so, surgery is not her best option because she's already healing. Instead, medical management is t he way to go. That means she will be kept on strict kennel rest and pain meds for 4-6 weeks. If she is going to gain mobility, we should see it within this time. And if she does, they feel like she should also gain her bladder function. Ideal situation!!

So, we made a decision to keep her at Texas A&M at least for 2 weeks for them to monitor her, do light rehab (since they want her to keep pretty still), and eliminate her bladder multiple times a day.  She's now back in Houston and we deperately need a foster home for her!  She cannot go to boarding!!

IIn about 3 weeks we will assess getting her into a wheelchair.  She's so sweet and very determined.  She loves being around other dogs too!

If you are interested in adopting this beautiful girl, please contact us right away at