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Labrador Retriever (short coat) • Male • Senior • Large

Meet King, a 15-year-old lab that was dumped at the pound by his "owner". He had a massive basketball sized tumor between his front two legs that impeded his ability to walk.

His owner claimed she had no money or transportation to do anything about this basketball-sized tumor impeding her dog’s walking. Amazingly she was able to dump him at the pound so he could die alone.

This didn’t happen overnight!!

King is as sweet and goofy as they come. It's sickening that he was been forced to carry a horrendous appendage around like a ball and chain.

King is 15, but he sure doesn’t act it. This boy has plenty of pep to this step. He such a sweetheart!

He's doing great and is in a foster home. His surgery went very well and we received all of the biopsy results. Pretty good news overall, but we are definitely thankful that we had the large mass on his chest and the tumor that was found when he was neutered removed.

Turns out the large mass on his chest was a mast cell tumor but our vets got clean margins, so we are optimistic that we got everything and it had not spread.

The tumor on one of his testicles was a Sertoli tumor – biggest concern for spreading elsewhere – to prostate and/or surrounding lymph nodes. 10-14% of these metastasize. Our vets got complete excision with clean margins.

We know he feels a million times better now that he is able to walk without the obstruction of the large mass. 

Now, we need to find this great boy a forever home to live out his years. Please complete an adoption app at