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Doberman Pinscher (short coat) • Male • Young • Large

Elliot is an amazing 3-4 year old Doberman who gets along beautifully with humans, big and small, and other dogs. He is a little too eager to play with most cats, so that is probably not a good match.

Elliot is an amazing boy who has been through quite a lot since we got him back in February. We got Elliot from Barc. He and his brother had been picked up after living in a field.  Elliot had a slight limp when we got him.

He went to the vet, and it was originally thought that he had a joint infection in his knee.  But after strong antibiotics our boy was still getting worse. Off to the specialists we went.  Crazy expensive testing, Elliot going through surgery just to try and find what was causing the problem, but still nothing, and our amazing boy was still getting worse. With the help of our amazing vets we made the hard choice to amputate his bad leg. Only after its removal were they able to find the cause, osteosarcoma-bone cancer.

The prognosis was awful, 3-6 months to live. But look at him!!! He is so strong and so beautiful and so full of life, we cannot believe he will be gone from this world any time soon.

We have x-rayed his chest, where the cancer would be expected to go, but he is clear. We have no idea how long Elliot will be here but we do know that he deserves a forever home for whatever that time is.

If you want to be Elliot's forever home, and will love him every minute of everyday for however many days he has, fill out our adoption application at .

He is the best boy and will absolutely fill your heart with love and joy!