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Rottweiler (short coat) • Female • Adult • Large

Meet Daisy! Daisy had a rough beginning, as she was one of the 250 Rottweilers that were confiscated from deplorable conditions in Gatesville, Texas. When she was rescued she was living in sub-freezing temperatures, outside, with no shelter or food, and a water bucket that was frozen solid, after just giving birth to 7 puppies, although one had already passed in the horrible conditions. She was incredibly emaciated from lack of nutrition as well, from trying to nurse her puppies. Unfortunately, after a long battle and with the best medical care we could provide, only one of Daisy's puppies ultimately survived. 
Left outside in a kennel her entire life, she was deprived of human affection and never had been in a house before. When our fosters first let her inside of their home, Daisy had no idea what to do. Figuring dogs get in trouble for being inside, she was skittish and wondered if she was doing something wrong. She ran right to the door leading to the backyard. After realizing she could stay inside, Daisy immediately appreciated the benefits of an inside dog (especially her doggie bed) and after not too long it was tough to get her outside! She's an incredibly fast learner (mimicking her canine foster siblings) and very intelligent. She quickly learned leash training (she's now fully trained and never pulls) and has come to love her walks. Her foster home was a crowded place with 4 other Rottweiler and Rottweiler mixes. Daisy got along great with all 4 and they shared their backyard, dog beds, toys, and even the same bowls. After being fostered for a year she was adopted. She lived in her new home for over 5 years and was just returned. We did not get a clear story about why she was being returned but there were comments about how she couldn't keep up their other dogs and could keep pace on walks. First off, she is an older dog and will never be fast and full of energy, she prefers cuddling to anything else. Second, when we got her we saw that she has dysplasia in at least one hip which is causing her discomfort and slowing her down a little. As soon as we got her back we put her on some pain medicine which immediately started helping. But in the meantime, we are getting her checked out by our vets to see what else we can do to help her. 
She is very well socialized and likes to be around all kinds of dogs and would make for a great companion for any other furry friend. She also likes going outside and just loves all the dogs and people she meets.  She would like a home without cats. They are too sneaky for her and she chases them.  Also, she would do best in a home without small children as they move too quickly for her and she is just not really sure what they are.  She does great with older children though.   
Daisy is spayed, microchipped and up to date on all shots. She doesn't mind a crate, but does just fine left out in the house, as she doesn't chew or destroy things (other than her toys). 
Daisy is as sweet and calm as they come, and because of her rough beginning, she really takes nothing for granted and is relishing her new life. She's really come to appreciate the type of TLC every dog deserves and more than anything just loves the attention from her human friends. Daisy loves nothing more than to curl up on her bed and relax and be close to her foster family. We promise that if you pet her you will have a friend forever. Sweet Daisy has gone through so much hardship and has managed to survive it all with her gentle nature. So won't you consider giving this sweet girl her second chance at life and open your home to her.
 If you are interested in adopting Daisy, please contact us at  You can also read about our adoption process and complete an online adoption application on our website at