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Staffordshire Bull Terrier / American Bulldog / Mixed (short coat) • Male • Adult • Medium

Just look at this FANTASTIC, LOVEABLE litte guy named COFFEY. He has been with us for over a year and a half. Those of us who know him truly do not understand it. Coffey is an awesome dog with tons of love to give and an incredible desire to be a great dog.
Coffey is an amazing 6 year old boy who just cannot seem to find his right person or family. Yes this little boy would be an AWESOME family dog, just watch his video. He knew the two girls in the video for a while, but just met the boy that day. He is great with kids.
Coffey is a mix of Staffordshire terrier, American bulldog, a little greater Swiss shepherd and a hint of bloodhound, according to his dna results. And, he absolutely loves to learn new things and would absolutely thrive with someone willing to teach him all kinds of stuff.  When you are teaching him something, you can literally see him concentrating. Those little wheels in his brain trying to figure out just exactly what you want from him.
If you have the time Coffey could be that once in a lifetime, best dog ever kind of boy. That is what he wants more than anything. His one mission in life is to have a person or family that is happy with him. When corrected he gets the absolute cutest little pouty face and worries that he will never be loved again, so you can't be upset long or his little heart just may break. Yep, he is a sensitive boy.
Coffey does well with other medium to large, mature dogs. He does not like little dogs who constantly are in his face and hyper is not a good match for him. If going to a home with another dog it would need to be a dog that had a calming effect instead of a "let's go crazy" one.
Coffey is vaccinated, neutered, and microchipped. If interested in fostering or adopting Coffey, please contact us right away at or fill out our foster or adoption application on our website at and we will be in touch right away.
Please, don't pass over Coffey just because of his heritage. Staffies and bulldogs are wonderful dogs, whose loyalty to their owners is incredible. They are smart and fabulous. And yes, it may be a bigger responsibility to own one, not because of the breed itself but because you must protect your staffie or bulldog from a world that fears them. The reward will be yours, you will have the most loyal, loving companion ever.

Check out a video of Coffey!