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Boy - CP

Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler / Australian Shepherd / Mixed (short coat) • Male • Adult • Medium

Boy  is a beautiful, glow-white German Shepherd/Australian Shepherd mix. He is between 6-8 years old and weighs 75lbs.  Boy  was found at Christmas. While he had an owner, this person wasn't able to care for  Boy  well so he was very underweight (only 61lbs), was covered in skin infections, missing most of his fur and had a very extreme eye infection - so much so we thought he was blind! 
Over the past months,  Boy  has quickly re-gained his strength and blossomed into a most gorgeous pup inside and out. He is now at a perfect weight, all of his fur has grown back (and there's a lot of it!) and he has fully-recovered from his eye infection - he does not have any sight issues. His teeth are in great shape (a couple of chipped teeth but they don't bother him). 
He is so sweet, kind and gentle. He loves all people and is great with other dogs. He is fully house-trained and has not shown any destructive behaviors. He loves spending time in your company but is also content to be in his room snoozing.  Right now he spends most of his time with our other foster, 7 month old, 16lb Maggie - and he LOVES her. They play and play. He never gets mad at her when she bites his ears and tries to eat his food or steal his bone. Sometimes she gets scared in her crate and cries.  Boy  is so sweet to her - he talks to her to make her feel better and always succeeds in calming her down. 
He is HW+, however you would never know this. He isn't showing any symptoms of this disease and is now regularly taking heartworm prevention in an effort to keep him healthy and "slow-kill" the worms. He enjoys pottering around the yard, eating bull sticks and playing with Maggie. 
Contact Nicola at if you are interested in meeting this boy!